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The Current Market

Let's Get Real

The market in Bansko has gone through a cycle which is also typical for other boom-and-bust locations around the world like US, UK and Spain. 

The rapid economic developments of 2006-2007 have attracted many to pursue investment opportunities in Bansko, the area, and Bulgaria in general. At their peak (in 2007), the market prices for apartments in Bansko and the area averaged around the 1200 euro/sq.m figure. The investors had been promised attractive rental returns which assured them into making the decision to take a loan and buy a second home with the expectations that the profits from rentals will cover the mortgage payments. Eventually, Bansko and the surrounding areas (like the Golf course) was overbuilt which inevitably led to malinvestment and many projects remained unfinished. 

The average market price started falling in 2008 with the developing global economic recession which led to a significant drop in demand for properties. Since then, prices have been falling to reach the current level which varies in the range 300-700 euro/sq.m depending on development and individual owner.  

It is important for us that our selling clients are aware of the current market conditions so that we can cooperate into negotiating the best deal for them. 

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us or Submit Your Property Details and we will be glad to do our best and sell your apartment or other type of property. 


Aleksandar Kushlev

Chief Executive

Best Deal Properties Ltd