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About Bansko

Bansko - a small town with population of around 9000 people, situated on 925 m above sea level. The distance to Sofia is only 150 km, to Plovdiv - also around 150 km and 60 km to Blagoevgrad (the center of the district of Blagoevgrad).    

The main advantage of Bansko is its location at the foot of the mountain. The town is located in the valley among three mountains - Pirin, Rhodope and Rila mountain ranges. Pirin - one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaira, is included in the world's natural heritage by UNESCO and it is also the most famous skiing zone in Bulgaria. The town of Bansko became popular in the last 3-4 years (starting 2005/2006) as a result of the huge amount of investment and it is becoming more and more popular internationally.

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In the last couple of years Bansko became a ski resort with international importance with perfect conditions for skiing, biathlon, snowboard. Last year (2011) there was a European Cup in Biathlon. This year (2012) Bansko won two starts (men/women) for the World Cup Downhill in Feburary 2012. The highest point is 2500m with length of the ski tracks over 65 km. The reason for Bansko being so popular is also the prices. Its not a secret that ski resorts are quite expensive. At the moment, Bansko is the most affordable option in Europe. 

The official opening of the winter season in Bansko is in mid-December and ends at the end of March. The average January temperatures are around -10 degrees.

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March is probably the most attractive month for skiers. At the mountain peak which is still snowy, people enjoy skiing wearing warm clothes. And down in Bansko its already +20 degrees, birds are singing and flowers blossoming. A very interesting combination typical for the towns situated in the mountain. 

Bansko is famous for its mixture of ancient history and culture with modern standard of living and high level of service.

National Park \"Pirin\" with its beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, caves, century-old trees, is included in the UN list of preserved national parks bearing cultural and natural value. There are more than 1100 different vegetable species, 150 animal species. 

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Bansko is an important cultural and historical center, According to historical records, Bansko is founded around 10th century AD. In 13th century AD, Basnko had become a big and blossoming town with developed crafts and trade. One of the main attractions is the St Trinity Church built in 1835 with the tower which is build in 1866 as a great addition to the church to make a beautiful combination. 

There are more than 120 cultural monuments in Bansko. The traditional old-styled houses are an interesting attraction and this style is used in the modern buildings as well. Bansko attracts tourists with winter sports and summer hiking tracks (13 main and 17 secondary ones) and mountain biking, modern restaurants, spa centers, horse-riding, wine tasting, and idyllical calmness, beauty, comfort and various bulgarian taverns - restaurants with traditional style. 

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Bansko is not only a ski resort. Summer lasts for 4-5 months and the temperatures average the pleasant 27 degrees. Tourists are attracted by the town, summer jazz festival, great panoramic views, fishing, hunting, climbing, spa centres, and many others. Bulgaria has plenty of mineral water springs, and many of them are located near Bansko. Because of the springs, many swimming pools are built and different spa procedures are offered with very attractive prices. You can also go to sea. Not Black Sea though, but Aegean Sea - only 150 km away.

Thanks to the above mixture of mountain, mineral waters and proximity to sea, Bansko has become a preferred choice for retirement. 

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Bansko has the perfect climate - mild winter and not very hot summer. There are many other entertainments apart  from skiing like mountain biking with 196 km of biking tracks, ATV quad biking, fishing in crystal-water lakes - 176 lakes names as the \"Crystal Eyes of Pirin\", hunting, hiking and horse-riding, folklore picnics, rock climbing, rafting, tennis, paintball, berry-picking, cultural tourism - in Bansko there are more than 130 architectural- historical monuments, visits to monasteries, wine-tasting etc. Apart from that, there are different festivals taking place - jazz, theater, folklore. 

One of the most important factors, and perhaps the main one, is the warm and welcoming attitude of the local people. They are very well-disposed to foreigners who are always trying to start a conversation. Moreover, Bulgaria benefits of a good geopolitical situation.